What is the difference between processed honey and raw honey?

What is the difference between processed honey and raw honey?

Raw honey, the honey harvest is directly from the beekeeper. He is bottled the way he is.

What happens to processed honey?

Unfortunately, hardly any raw honey is offered on the market. The vast majority are exposed to mixtures and excessive heating. He is subjected to homogenization and standardization, so that the authenticity of a direct raw honey is lost. Honey does not spoil, but excessive heating, which ranges from 60ºC to 80ºC, eliminates aromas, enzymes and vitamins. In the honey industry barrels of several beekeepers, harvests and different varieties are mixed in large pans, standardized and labeled with minimum parameters.

Why is honey heated and mixed?

First, to get a higher yield of honey (mix with cheap honey). Second, for easy and quick packaging, as honey becomes as fluid as water at high temperatures.

Pasteurized honey will take time to crystallize or simply will not at all, as the high temperatures have broken the structure of the honey. The honey is “killed”. Raw honey crystallizes at temperatures near 14 ° C, but remains liquid the farther they are from that temperature.

In short, raw honey is a fresh fruit, processed honey is like jam.

Our raw rosmary Honey

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