The hive

A hive is an almost perfect community. Every bee has a task in or out of the hive. The modern bee hives usually consist of a rectangular wooden box. On the lower part of the box is a entrance and exit hole, on the upper part is the inner cover (protect the hive of cold) and the Outer cover which provides weather protection for the hive . Inside you will find the frames for the ‘breeding room’ (where the queen lays eggs) and the honey frames. A ‘wax sheet’ is welded to the frames. So the bees can ‘pull’ honeycombs. In the honeycomb they collect honey, pollen.

In a healthy colony live about 20,000 – 40,000 bees. They basically differ as follows:

  • The Queen:

It is the most important bee of the hive. She is fed her whole life with Royal Jelly. That’s why her above average living time of up to 5 years. Their function is above all to populate the colony.

  • The working bee:

The first 3 weeks of their living they spend only inside the hive and take care of the broot, cleaning, honeycomb, guarding the colony at the inlet hole etc. After these first weeks they become collecting bees and leave the hive for nectar, pollen, propolis and water.

  • The drone:

He is the male bee and his function is to fertilize the new queen in the bridal flight. The queen lasts only once and inseminated for a few hours. Also, the drone helps with the ventilation of the hive and gives heat.

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