My name is Roman Muñoz.

I am an amateur beekeeper and bottle on traditional away raw honey. I would like to divide my passion for the beekeeping and the bees with you. Bees are an firm component of our environment. Moreover, they enrich us with tasty and healthy products. Therefore, I foundet the brand ‘Miel Íbera’ (i.e Íbera honey). I deliberately chose to not heat or mix it with cheap Chinese honey.

Miel Íbera offers only raw Spanish honey. So you can enjoy the full flavors. Fruthermore i guarantee  the preservation of the enzymes, vitamins, proteins etc. by heating up changes or are considerably reduced. All honey crystallises (except of course the honeydew). Therefore, the traditional filling of honey is by far more difficult than the industrialist where the honey is heated up and flows easely in the pipes. I bottle high-class honey at room temperature with the hand. Of course it is more difficult however, only so I can guarantee, as a honey lover, you profit from all his advantages.

Miel Íbera, traditional Honey


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